Graduation Place

Fontys Hogescholen

The end of my eduction is near! At the moment I am looking for a company where I can graduate.

Do you have a (Media / ICT) problem and you don't have a sollution? Please contact me!
I take a look if it is possible to graduate at your company.


Launch "Wiej Vreuger"

Wiej Vreuger

Friends, family or for business outings, Wiej Vreuger is all what you need. With a nice view on the river "De Maas" and the monastery of Steyl, you can relax and enjoy of the surrounding nature. It is even possible to bake your own pizza, bread and more in a hand-made oven.

Despit the nostalgic look, the website Wiej Vreuger has a modern back-end system to manage all the things they want.

Launch "Beauty Center"

Beauty Center La Vita Sana

Facials, nails, product for all kinds of skin-types, at Beauty Center La Vita Sana you can find it all.
With more then 20 years of experience, Marjam Jeurissen-Jacobs can give you quality, honesty and reliability. Since 2013 Beauty Center is in co

Launch ""

Sjiwa Baarlo

The renewed website of "" is online now! For today everyone can look on the site for all different kinds of information, like the different events that Sjiwa has to offer.

Due to the high amount of young visitors, the website is viewable on all different mobile-devices.